How do I sign up?

Do kids need to be potty trained?


Should kids bring their own lunch?

 Yes, all ready to eat foods to eat picnic style. 

Do you accept International kids?

Yes. All participants will need to meet immunization requirements. It is also best if international participants have had exposure to English and have a basic understanding.

Where is the Early Learning Center on campus?

When you arrive to Cate School, you will need to stop at the guard gate and provide them with your child's name. They will provide you a parking pass that will allow you to enter for the remainder of the week. 

Travel up the hill until you come across the first cross street. This is where you will make a right and the Early Learning Center is on the corner. Please, come on in and our teachers will help direct you to your child's cubby and our sign in and sign out sheet. 

Packing List


  • Morning Snack (labeled in a separate bag)
  • Lunchbox with ice pack (food will not be refrigerated)
  • Light sweater
  • Water bottle

In Cubby all Week

  • 2 sets of clothes
  • Sunscreen + form (to be filled out on first day)
  • Swim suit and towel for Friday
  • Prescribed medication (You will need additional paperwork for this, please let us know immediately.)
  • A wet bag/gallon zip lock for wet clothes -We will be getting messy!!
  • Extra pair of shoes (optional)
  • Sun hat (optional)

Do I need to label anything?

Please label everything that you are bringing (bags, extra clothes and food).

What forms are needed for my child to attend?

There are several forms the state requires for licensing regulations.