Darling Garcia


“Being part of something special doesn’t make you special, something is special because you are part of it.” Darling’s favorite quote is now our favorite quote. CSI is truly special because of everyone involved and we are lucky to have Darling back again this summer. 

Abnner Olivares


 Abnner can throw candy really, really high in the air and catch it in his mouth. Join us for his first summer of CSI and let’s see how high this candy can fly.  

Hunter King


 Like many of us, Hunter runs on caffeine. Maybe that’s how he is able to type the alphabet in under 2.5 seconds. Come and meet Hunter this summer for his first year of CSI.  

Elizabeth Li


Born in New York, New York, the city so nice, they named it twice. Liz is confident, curious and upbeat and we’re excited to have her energy at Cate for her first summer of CSI.

Carson Williams


Currently a Cate Senior, Carson joins us for his second year of CSI. A Carpinteria local, born and raised, Carson is your go-to guide for the best chicken burritos around.

Diarra Pouye


Diarra is back for her second year of CSI! Fun fact – Diarra speaks Wolof, her native language from Senegal. She’s also a talented photographer and will be preparing our slide shows for our Saturday Farewell Ceremonies.

Nicah Driza


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Nathan Martin


Nathan describes himself as adventurous, creative, outdoorsy and he is back for his third summer of CSI!

Buba Fofanah


Buba is a member of Cate’s soccer team, loves Arsenal FC and can’t live without his cleats and soccer ball. He joins us for his first year of CSI and we’re excited to have him this summer.

Riley Swain


This is Riley's first year working CSI, but she is no stranger to the Mesa. Riley is currently a Junior at Cate School and loves baking Harry Potter-themed baked goods.

Jennifer Soh


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Jennifer chooses Santa Barbara, California, “already living the dream.” Are you seeing a pattern here... SoCal is the place to be! Welcome Jennifer for her first summer of CSI!

Charlie Corman


After taking a gap year in Japan, Charlie is back at Cate for another round of CSI. His easygoing and happy presence is exactly the vibe we enjoy having on campus.

Nate Wilson


Chess anyone? Nate taught himself how to play chess at 5 years old and in 5 years he was playing on a national level. Welcome back Nate for his second summer of CSI

Flora Hamilton


What is one thing Flora couldn’t live without? Sunshine. As student at Bowdoin College in Maine, she says “winters in the east take a toll on your soul, just a wee bit.” Flora can enjoy plenty of sunshine during CSI as she joins us for her second year.

Joe Silva


When asked, ‘If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?’ Joe said he would live in Carpinteria. “The weather is always nice, and I think it’s one of the safest places in the world.” We couldn’t agree more. Joe is back for his second summer of CSI.

Natasha Weiss


Natasha joins us for her first summer of CSI. Her favorite food is Brussel sprouts and potatoes, fried egg and bacon. Not your idea of a tasty meal? Don’t worry, we have LOTS of options in our dining hall.

Josh Shields


2019 will be this Cate Senior’s first summer at CSI and today is his BIRTHDAY! If you’re wondering what to get him, his favorite dessert is peanut butter and fudge.

Jack Denison


Jack was born in Carpinteria, likes root beer floats and use to compete in snowboarding and he brings experience and enthusiasm to our Outdoors program. Welcome Jack to his first summer of CSI.

Esther Whang


Esther is back for Summer 2019! She’s a collector of post cards, which could sound a little mellow, but don’t let that fool you. Esther is spunky, creative and enthusiastic and we are happy to have her back this year!

Teddy Wecker


Teddy is a self-described, “cool dude” and we agree! If he could be any animal, he chooses a Falcon and looks like he’s trying to make that a reality since he’s a PILOT! We’re excited to have Teddy on board for his first summer of CSI.

Interested in working at Cate Summer Institute?

CSI Counselors have a very important role in helping run the Cate Summer Institute, a summer academic/leadership/outdoors program for current 6th and 7th-graders. As a CSI Counselor, you will be introduced to leadership roles with specific training and responsibilities in the camp environment. Not only will you lead the residential program as a resident advisor, you’ll also have the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant in the classroom. As a result of this experience and training, you will be positioned with skills to have a thoughtful and positive impact in future education and leadership roles.