Cate Summer Mini

In partnership with the Cate Early Learning Center, MINI camp is specifically designed for preschool children ages 3 through 5. Your child will make new friends, build social skills & develop teamwork in this encouraging environment.


Through specialized instruction from our experienced and licensed preschool teachers, hands-on activities, and on-site field trips at Cate School, children will think, create, and explore the world around them. Our Summer weekly themes provide children with the opportunity to do something they love or try something new and think outside of the box.

Mission Statement

Cate Summer Mini promotes a love of learning through  exploration and activity. We believe children learn through play. While engaged in play, children are not only expressing their creative nature, they are making discoveries in their environment and attaching meaning to their discoveries. They are associating words with objects, building on their vocabulary, and stimulating cognitive growth.



Movement, Music and Art

July 6-10

Let the Games Begin!


Sports and Board Games

July 13-17



Frequently Asked Questions

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